Sense of Science


In Reception we have been using our senses to explore our environment. The children were challenged to identify food items only using their sense of smell.   We also investigated how the colour of food influences this.  All the children correctly identified the mint oil in the green chia seed slime.  However, they though the red slime smelt of strawberries until they closed their eyes.  When we closed our eyes we realised it was actually orange!  Our favourite part was exploring the texture of the slime;  “it’s cold and slimy”, “lumpy”, “it’s hard and soft!”.  If the slime was hit it felt solid but when you tried to pick it up it ran through your fingers.  

Our eyes were useful in the prism investigation centre.  The children discovered how different things looked when observed through a prism and when placed on patterned paper it was magical how the patterns changed. We even discovered how to create a rainbow!  

We used our ears to identify the different animal noises on a CD and our sense of touch to identify items associated with them.  What an amazing day!