Month: October 2017

Building Bridges

Not content with building boats to save the gingerbread man last week, this week we set about creating bridges to help him cross the river. We looked at different ways of making the bridge stronger by simply bending the paper. It was amazing how strong a piece of paper could be.


Changing Shadows

In science we’ve been looking at how shadows change during the day. We started by drawing around our shadows on the playground before and after lunch to make a simple sundial. We then used the sun equipment to see how a shadow shortens then grows longer throughout an entire day.

Fantastic Friction

It’s not every week you get to do science with a state-of-the-art super car, but this week we tested the Bugatti Veyron. We’ll sort of. Testing different road surfaces we explored how friction can slow a vehicle down and we even had time to push the car to its limits down increasingly steep ramps.

Speech bubbles

This week we have been looking at what the different characters in the Gingerbread Man story said. We learned that sometimes when a character is speaking the pictures shows them with a speech bubble coming from their mouth.  There has been lots of independent learning this week and we are so proud of the number of children writing their own speech bubble for the Gingerbread Man.  They even spotted speech bubbles in our reading books too!





I can’t but we can …

How lovely to see Year 6 teaching Year 4 a different approach to their maths learning this week. Teamwork and collaboration showing how you succeed by helping others. 

Homelearning is History!

This week Harrison (Year 3) decided to do his homelearning as a news reporter. Dressed as a journalist and reading from his script Harrison shared the news of the Ancient Egyptian treasure. The photograph shows a screenshot from the video of the mummy covered in ancient treasures. What a creative way to share your learning Harrison!  

Investigating Melting

In science, we’ve been investigating how different coloured ice melts. We watched very closely and recorded our observations as a cartoon as we discovered that darker coloured ice melts more quickly. Sadly, this could become a problem if global warming reveals the darker coloured ground beneath the arctic tundra.


Meet the Teachers!

In Maths this week, Year 6 pupils did an amazing job of teaching column subtraction through the CPA approach to a lucky selection of pupils in Year 4! They started with the concrete approach, which is a method that includes the manipulation of physical resources. They used the resources to show their students how we exchange tens for ones, before moving on to the pictorial approach whereby we use pictures and diagrams to represent numbers.

Finally, when the teachers thought their pupils were ready, we moved on to the abstract approach where we practised column subtraction with exchanging. The whole lesson was very successful and was thoroughly enjoyed by every pupil taking part. We definitely have some future teachers in Year 6! 

cpa pic2

Rescue the Gingerbread Man!

Having already discovered why the Gingerbread Man does not like water, we explored making boats to help him cross the river. We found some materials float, others sink, but if we change the shape we can make them float.

Governor Parent Questionnaire 2017

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