Month: January 2017


As part of our Mediterranean theme, we’ve been learning about coasts. We found out that coastlines are not all beaches, there are cliffs, stacks, caves, and lots more features too. They don’t even stay the same because of erosion. In fact, we even found out that the Mediterranean once evaporated and turned into a desert!

Ice experiment

Today in Science we investigated the best way to melt ice. We used salt, warm water, the radiator, different tools and our body heat. We worked in teams to see which team melted the ice the quickest. The warm water worked the best and inside the ice we found lots of hidden jewels!

IMG_2624[1] IMG_2626[1] IMG_2628[1] IMG_2629[1] IMG_2631[1] IMG_2632[1] IMG_2633[1] IMG_2634[1] IMG_2636[1] IMG_2637[1] IMG_2638[1]

Fractions Fun!

Today in Miss Boyer’s maths group we have been finding fractions of numbers! Isn’t that great? We used smarties and marshmallows to help us understand…

Snowball Maths

Reception have become fantastic at counting reliably from 1 to 20 and beyond.  They are beginning to recognising the corresponding numerals and have applied their learning to stick the numbered snowballs in order.  We are so impressed with how many children can now work through the tricky teen numbers to order 1 to 20 independently.

IMG_1995 IMG_1990 IMG_1988



A positive new term!

Everyone has returned after their Christmas break with a really positive attitude to school life and their learning.  It is pleasing to see so many smiley faces and happy learners enjoying getting along with each other as well as getting stuck into their lessons.  Well done everyone- keep up the fantastic work!

This is us in maths investigating different triangles.  We used lots of maths vocabulary such as Equilateral, measure, Isosceles and larger than when talking to each other and some of us really pushed our learning forwards when explaining how we could test our ideas.

A super lesson everyone!


IMG_0546 IMG_0548IMG_0562

Welcome back!

We have had a lovely first week back with the children.  They are all very excited about our new theme this half term which is ‘Frozen’.  

The Reading Bear was won by Rowan this week who joined LBSY on Wednesday. His winning ticket was picked out by a child from LBJM . A big well done to him and all the children who read all over the Christmas holidays. There were a lot of tickets in the box on Friday!

Note for diaries; the year 1 children in LBSY will be joining Mrs Hayes Year 1 assembly on Friday  20th January 9:00- 9:30am in the hall.  Information regarding the assembly will be sent out next week.

Any parents, grandparents who have any spare time to read with children in LBSY will be gratefully received.  Please speak to the teachers if you have any spare time.

Thank you for all your continued support. 



The theme for our assemblies this half term is appreciation. The new year is a good time to reflect and be thankful for what we have, for saying thank you to others for all they do for us and doing things for others to show our appreciation. Look out for the pupils of Lickey Hills being appreciative in their words and actions. 



What a fun maths lesson we had today! We learnt all about the word ‘estimation’. We found a partner and estimated how many cubes they had put into a jar. Then we counted them to see if we were right. Afterwards we estimated how many cubes long different parts of our bodies were. We estimated the length of our hands, feet, arms and legs! We all made super sensible estimations. 


IMG_1222[1] IMG_1223[1] IMG_1224[1] IMG_1225[1]

Snowflake Decorations

To improve our icy palace the children decided that we needed snowflakes.  Here we are creating some sparkly ones!


Is it Frozen?

WOW! What a wonderful first week back we’ve had in reception!  The children have chosen a winter topic theme of ‘Is it Frozen?’ and Elsa’s icy touch has transformed our role play and small world areas.  See how much fun the children have had exploring the magical castle, getting ready for a banquet and making up new stories for the Frozen characters.