PE Funding Statement 2016/17

Primary PE & Sport Premium Grant

During each academic year, every primary school receives a Primary PE & Sport Premium Grant from the government.  Each school receives a different amount of money depending on the number of children it has.  The money is paid to schools in two instalments; one in the autumn term and one in the summer term.

Primary schools in England are encouraged to use the premium to:

Up-skill teachers to improve the quality of sports lessons
Invest in quality coaching
Provide more opportunities for pupils to take part in inter-school competitions
Offer more after-school clubs
Purchase better equipment
Introduce new and unusual sports
Improve sports teaching for children with special educational needs
Deliver holiday and weekend activities
Boost Change4Life clubs, helping children build a healthier lifestyle.

As well as spending the PE and Sport Premium on specific equipment, teachers and initiatives, we also:

Promote local sports clubs through our newsletter and PE board
Collect Sainsburys Active Kids vouchers, which enables us to attain more equipment for purposeful play and PE and Games lessons
Provide after-school club in bell boating leading to a Bromsgrove and Droitwich schools regatta.


SCHOOL YEAR 2016-2017.

PE Premium Grant:                                         £9,675.00

Amount carried over from previous year:  £4,317.00

Total amount in PE budget:                           £13,817.00


  • To upgrade old and worn equipment and apparatus.
  • To continue to offer quality after-school clubs.
  • To improve physical activity at lunch times.
Key Focus Activity Cost Action Impact
Sports and Play equipment. £5,846

– Ordering of playground equipment for Early Years, KS1 and KS2.

– Purchase of 2 new wall bars in the Hall to replace old, worn bars.

– Purchase of new netball posts and nets to replace old, rusted ones.

– Children more active in every playground.  Fewer instances of bad behaviour during lunchtimes.  Fewer instances of children trying to “stay in” during lunchtimes.  Development of teamwork and co-operative skills.

– More challenging tasks can now be given using the wall bars thus stretching the children.

– Children and staff able to play netball using safer equipment.

Membership to the All Active Academy £3,006.00

– Gives children more access to inter-school competitions.

– Allows for opportunities for staff CPD in PE and Games.

-Raises profile of PE in the school.

– Children given access to inter-school competitions.

N.B. Our PE Co-ordinator has been on long term illness leave for much of the school year.  Other staff have taken children on inter-school competitions but not as many as last year.


Premier Sports (After-School Clubs) £2,200.00 – Children offered football and netball clubs in KS2.

– Children given choice of clubs which helped with attendance so more children active each week.

– Developed co-operative skills and importance of teamwork.  

– Netball club fully utilised new netball posts.

Hall decoration £3,100.00

– Hall needed painting after new wall bars were fitted.


– We checked that this was an acceptable use of the PE funding and were told it was as it was a result of fitting new apparatus which will benefit the children.

Transport £105.00 – Book transport to take children to inter-school competitions. – Inter-school competitions developed children’s self-esteem, teamwork and enjoyment of exercise.
Yoga £600.00 Use of a qualified children’s Yoga instructor to cover part of the Health and Wellbeing section of the curriculum.

– Children in Y3 and Y5 experienced high quality yoga lessons.

– Increased children’s flexibility and taught them relaxation techniques that can be used at home.

Display board £21.00 Purchase of a display board to use as a PE notice board.

– Promotes PE in the school.

– Publisised sport and PE in the school.

PE Budget 2016-2017:                £13,817.00

Amount spent in 2016-2017:    £14,878.00

PE Budget at end of 2016-2017:  –£1,061.00 (We are currently reviewing this)