PE Funding Statement 2014/15

Primary PE & Sport Premium Grant

During each academic year, every primary school receives a Primary PE & Sport Premium Grant from the government.  Each school receives a different amount of money depending on the number of children it has.  The money is paid to schools in two instalments; one in the autumn term and one in the summer term.

Primary schools in England are encouraged to use the premium to:

Up-skill teachers to improve the quality of sports lessons
Invest in quality coaching
Provide more opportunities for pupils to take part in inter-school competitions
Offer more after-school clubs
Purchase better equipment
Introduce new and unusual sports
Improve sports teaching for children with special educational needs
Deliver holiday and weekend activities
Boost Change4Life clubs, helping children build a healthier lifestyle.

As well as spending the PE and Sport Premium on specific equipment, teachers and initiatives, we also:

Promote local sports clubs through our newsletter and PE board
Collect Sainsburys Active Kids vouchers, which enables us to attain more equipment for purposeful play and PE and Games lessons
Provide after-school club in bell boating leading to a Bromsgrove and Droitwich schools regatta.

Amount received: £9,393.00

Key Focus Activity Cost Action Impact
Join All Active Academy network £3,069.00

– Gives school access to many inter-school competitions.

– Provides CPD opportunities for teachers to improve their practice.

– Support network for PE teachers to share good practice.

– Teachers benefited from CPD courses in teaching gymnastics.

– Increased participation in inter-school competitions.

After-school Club £120.00 – Book Kits Academy to lead Archery after-school club. – Children given opportunity to try a new sport.
CPD £1,305.00 – Book courses in gymnastics and high quality PE teaching for staff.

– PE co-ordinator more confident in teaching gymnastics and how to stretch the children.

– Y3 teacher attended CPD training throughout the year to improve his teaching of PE and Games which he fed back to staff to put into their own practice.

Cover for staff leading inter-school competitions £1,760.00 – Admin staff to arrange cover for teachers taking children to inter-school competitions.

– Allows staff to take more children to inter-school competitions.

– The education of the children who did not participate did not suffer.

Transport £423.33 – Book coaches or mini-buses for inter-school competitions.

– Increased number of children participating in inter-school competitions.

– Develops children’s teamwork and self-esteem.

Sports Equipment £1,122.19 – Ordering of sports or PE equipment that is needed.

– Ensured new PE curriculum could be taught successfully.

– New gym mats meant children felt safer and willing to try more difficult skills.

– Purchase of a PE iPad made it easier for PE teacher to record, assess and give immediate visual feedback to children during the lesson.

Specialist teachers/coaches £1,150.00

– Yoga teacher.

– Bhangra teacher.

– Y3 pupils taught children’s yoga by a specialist teacher as part of the Health & Wellbeing part of our curriculum.

– Children taught relaxation techniques that they can use at home.

– Y5 taught Bhangra by a specialist teacher to ensure correct moves are taught and greater awareness of the culture surrounding the dance.

Bell Boating Regatta £35.00 – Ensure school is booked in for the regatta.

– Gives children access to trying a water sport.

– More children taking part in inter-school competition.

– Improved children’s listening, teamwork and communication skills.

Amount received:       £9,393.00

Total amount spent:  £9,011.52

Total left:                     £381.48